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about us

Startive Ventures is a boutique technology investment company.

We are focused on global technology and Internet startup opportunities and look at investments both internationally and in our own backyard. With a vast experience in building successful global consumer-focused Internet brands Startive is a partner that provides more help than just capital. We also recognize entrepreneurs need to focus on developing ideas, running & growing their businesses, and not dealing with investor overhead.

what we look for

Great Ideas

It sounds obvious, but finding truly great ideas that are commercially viable to massive audience take a lot of time. Therefore we say ‘no’ a lot more than we say ‘yes’.

Great People

Even more important than a great idea, is finding great people to develop that idea into a operational business. That doesn’t mean having all the skills today, just the right attitude & motivation to learn along the way.

Market Potential

Knowing your target and having a large total addressable market, along with a multiple potential routes to generate long-term revenue and income is critical for a successful business.

Ready to Go

We’re looking for more than ideas on paper, we typically work with companies that have at least working prototypes. That means at least a minimal viable product (MVP), beta or production product.

how much do we invest

Investments vary on the stage of the business and, of course, the market potential of the individual company. We look at both early-stage “seed” investments, and later-stage “growth” investments. Usually we like to take minority positions without too many bells and whistles. We want to keep the entrepreneurs and founders motivated with enough equity upside that everyone prospers with the success of the company.

our portfolio

A selection of our amazing portfolio companies.

We do not publicly disclose all of our portfolio companies for both confidentiality and/or strategic reasons.